Our Approach

opportunIT provide a pragmatic approach to your implementation.   Our focus is to provide a solution that will successfully solve your business challenges,  exceed your expectations and support your growth in functionality and size.  All this is offered against a backdrop of understanding that first and foremost our solutions are a strong fit to the orgnisation’s culture and people to ensure high rates of adoption.

Our Pedigree

We have over sixty years experience in boosting business performance through understanding core workflows and methodologies,  we deliver first class solutions that are widely adopted by a wide range of organisation sizes and industries.  Our depth of experience enables us to ensure that we map the technology to your needs, not the other way around.

The Process


The first step is for us to gain a thorough understanding of the issues facing your business,  current solutions that are being utilised, the motivations to implement a new solution,  the culture of the organisation and the roles and responsibilities of those that will make the project a success.

Proof of Concept

Once we have an understanding of your organisation and its requirements,  we will demonstrate the solution we propose by highlighting how Monday will support you.  We will show you how we can optimise day to day working as well as delivering the dashboards to support management and decison making.


Preliminary budgets will be discussed at the discovery stage. The scope of the project and soluton will be clearly defined. We will provide a detailed proposal on the investment required,  what will be delivered and when.   We will also hightlight any further services that may be required such as technical support and training.


We aim to implement the Monday solution with as little disruption to the business as possible.   To ensure this, we will agree a plan with you to ensure that we manage the expectations of all the stakeholders.   This will involve working alongside the internal champions at a strategic and departmental level to ensure a smooth well adopted implementation.


We build intuitive solutions but training is still key for effective and motivated users! Good training reduces costs and increases adoption.  The training we provide ensures that staff will be aware of how to use the system on a day to day basis, as well as how to utilise all relevant features. Training can be delivered online or face to face.  We also offer bespoke training videos for ongoing use within the organisation.

Reviews and Development

 In an ever changing world we support our clients  to keep Monday aligned with the needs of your business and it’s stakeholders.  Typically this will incorporate reviews at pre-arranged intervals to ensure that you are realising maximum value from your implementation.  We will work with you to support your ongoing needs.